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terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions


The consumer agrees and undertakes, once the procedure purchase "online" , to arrange for printing, reading and conservation of these terms and conditions , which , however, has already seen and accepted as a necessary step in the process enrollment , as well as the specifications of the product being purchased, and this in order to fully satisfy the conditions laid down in Art . 3 and 4 of the Decree . Legisl. N. 185/1999 . These terms and conditions may be updated or changed at any time from Frantoio Cecchi who will notify the appropriate space on the "Communications to customers." The consumer agrees and undertakes, every time a modification of these terms and conditions , to arrange for their printing and reading retention . The customer raises the Frantoio Cecchi from any liability arising from the false tax documents due to errors in the data provided by the Customer, since the customer is solely responsible for the proper insertion .


The shipping and delivery expenses are to be borne by the customer and are shown explicitly at the time of order . The payment of the goods by the customer will be using the method chosen when ordering . The cost of transport varies according to the weight of products , and is always shown first confirmation of the same . The Express shipment will be made by the vector chosen by the user during the closing order. In the absence of the Customer upon delivery by the courier after second attempt, the shipment will be put in storage in the warehouse responsibility of the courier. The storage costs are borne purchaser. In the case of stock the customer will be contacted by Frantoio Cecchi again to make the restitution , in the case of new non-delivery the order will be canceled resulting in addebbito customer expenses. Delivery time the order is shipped by courier after the escape of 24/48h are working with the exception of Calabria, Sicily and Sardinia and other islands where you need minimum 48 hours work . In the event that , upon delivery by the bellman , the package should present with obvious signs of neglect or attrition , accept only "subject to control " and send timely communication .



SUBJECT: Information according to D. Decree 30.6.2003 n . 196 " Regarding the protection of personal data Introduction to the information

Pursuant to art. 13 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 Frantoio Cecchi as Holder of the data processing, is obliged to provide you with specific information with respect to your personal data that collect, the purposes and methods of treatment of your data, subjects which can be communicated and the rights they enjoy relation to the management of personal information.

personal information we collect

to furnish our products and / or services in order to respond to its requests ( information , quotes, updates , etc. ..) Our company needs to collect some personal data . Such data may include, for example : personal data, addresses, and reference names , telephone numbers , e-mail addresses , code tax , VAT , banking details. They can be collected and stored also details of tenders issued ( even if not accepted) , the orders entered into , as well as any information relating to its organization and activities ( business activities , products and services provided, size and turnover , industry sectors, associations of membership , etc. ..) . For the obtaining of the purposes described below is not necessary to obtain personal information that the Legislative Decree 196 qualifies as "Sensitive ", or data in order to reveal religious beliefs, political, philosophical , state of health and sex life .

Purpose - For what purposes we collect your data

Your personal data are collected and processed for the following purposes:

1. to be able to respond to your requests, present and future of information about our products and / or services and in general for all request prior to the definition of a specific order / contract (eg formulation of estimates , tenders , etc. .. )

2 . for the fulfillment of the obligations and the execution of transactions under the contract (supply of products and services, any subsequent technical assistance , management of receipts and payments etc. .. ) and that could be concluded in the future

3 . for the execution of the obligations and requirements administrative, tax , accounting, etc. arising from the contracts , and arranged by applicable law, regulations and Community legislation , as well as provisions imparted by authorities and legitimized by the vigilance and control ( eg : inspections of ' Tax authority ) ;

basis of ' art . 24 , paragraph b of the Decree 196 , for the above purposes expressed do not need your permission , because the processing of data is performed to " fulfill obligations arising from a contract which is a party or to fulfill, before the conclusion of contract , specific requests of , "and to " fulfill a obligation imposed by law , regulation or legislation Community . "

Treatment Modalities :

The data will be stored in manual mode with computer the aid of electronic instruments and stored on media computer and on paper than on any other type of support appropriate , in compliance with the minimum security measures pursuant to Technical Regulations regarding minimum security measures , Annex B of Legislative Decree no . n . 196/2003.

Nature of the

The provision of personal data is optional, but a refusal to this effect makes it impossible for the Company to give effect to the its requests for quote , bid , issuing orders and contracts , as described in points 1 , 2 and 3 of " purpose." The conferment of data is necessary for compliance with legal obligations committed with the purposes indicated in the preceding paragraphs is mandatory. Communication and dissemination - who can access your data personal .

can become aware of your personal data, as charge and / or data processors , our employees (and any employees ) , only in relation to the tasks and carried them to the above mentioned purposes . They may also become aware of your personal data, as of external managers , some specific categories of external stakeholders to our company , again for purposes connected with the execution of obligations arising from contracts entered into with you or with the obligations under applicable laws, regulations , etc. . Fall between these categories, example: < / p>

accounting firms , data processing centers and administrative accounting in relation to the keeping of the corporate seal of budgets , accounting processing , etc. .. < / p>

- credit institutions for the management of receipts and payments , financial institutions , insurance companies

maintenance company hardware and software, in relations to the necessary maintenance, improvements , etc. of our infrastructure .

parties that perform functions related to the implementation of the contract (ex : transporters )

Your personal data may also be communicated to the whom the right of access to the data is granted by legal or regulatory requirements (ex. Guardia di Finanza police force , control authorities , etc. )

There will be no form of sharing your information ( lead to knowledge of your data to an indefinite number of subjects) . Rights set out in ' Section 7 of the Legislative Decree no. 196/2003.

, you have the right knowledge , deletion, correction, updating, integration and opposition to the processing of data as well as other rights provided by ' Art. 7 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, which Full text concerning the rights of the person concerned , is available on www.garanteprivacy.it.

Holder of the data processing

The treatment of the data that can be contacted for the exercise of the rights referred to in the preceding paragraph :

Frantoio Cecchi

Fiscal Data

CRUSHER Cecchi Cecchi & C. Moreno snc

Road Cavaccia , 10-51010 UZZANO - PT

C.F. and P.I. 01790680472

Phone 0572-451878


The customer is entitled to withdraw from the purchase contract within the first ten days after the delivery of the package , as provided for by Legislative Decree January 15, 1992 n ° 50 " Trading outside of business premises ."

customer who intends to withdraw from it must advance notify by registered A / R or by mail .

fundamental condition for the withdrawal is that the integrity of the package must be perfectly sealed and in the original packaging .

The package must be returned by hand or by courier ( always secured mode ) , one and only , to the address that you will be provided by us after the notification of withdrawal .

We also reserve the right to inspect the integrity of the return before to process the refund, which will include only the cost of the product. Will not be included in the refund postage and packing insurance.


Buying the request is processed through the following steps:

1. By placing an order , the client sends to the Cecchi a Frantoio proposed purchase of the product or products selected . sending purchase order implies consent ( pursuant to art. DL 10 185/1999) to receive further communications of Il Frantoio Cecchi described below , which are aimed exclusively at conclusion and execution of the sales contract. The customer has 24 hours of time from the on- line order to communicate to the Frantoio Cecchi its possible cancellation , call the n ° 0572 451 878 or by sending an e -mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . In any case , the crusher Cecchi occur the actual stock availability of the goods required and will telephone or e -mail , contact the customer to confirm order.

2 . If the customer confirms its intention to proceed with the purchase , Frantoio Cecchi will then deliver what is required to courier responsible for carrying out the delivery address indicated . The payment by the customer will be using the mode chosen on- line at the time of purchase.


e-commerce is the FrantoioCecchi.it updated dailey .

The products selected by the consumer and listed in the earlier stages at confirmation of purchase will be made available to other users and therefore can be purchased by other customers. However the Frantoio Cecchi assumes no responsibility for the malfunctioning of the server then update block constant availability of merchandise displayed on the shop . In any case, you will be notified by phone or email of any problems related to availability , in the process of confirming the order , therefore in the case of purchase payment with bank transfer , please always wait confirmation from our operators before you do so , otherwise , as well as for paying by credit card in case of unavailability of the product we will immediately refund the sums paid.


will be charged to the customer shipping costs , clearly appear before the completion of the order , which are at no cost variable according to the total purchase . All prices listed in windows, tabs and products during the purchase phase are indicated in Euros . In case of discrepancy in prices, following the order the client, he will be immediately communicated to the customer phone or e -mail may withdraw without penalty purchase commitment assumed . The amounts will be stated on the invoice only in Euros. The bill will come to you on the e-mail indicated in the phase order to the delivery of the goods, in case you want the invoice on paper simply contact us via e -mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by telephone on 0572 451878 and ask for a copy to be sent by regular mail.



If you choose to pay by bank transfer must send the proof of payment by fax or by e- mail no later more than three (3) working days from the date of the order and confirmation . The sending of the order by the crusher will only Cecchi when the actual crediting of the amount due on the c / c del Frantoio Cecchi within 7 ( seven) working days from the date of acceptance of the contract. Go beyond those limits, the order will be canceled. the causal the bank transfer must necessarily bring the order number and the name and surname of the person who made the order. The transfer must be made payable to:


Data Bank IBAN : IT 68 R 08358 70380 000 000 760 168


Selecting the PayPal payment , you will be redirected to a page on the PayPal site where you can enter your email address and your password and you control your information of payment. Your financial information not be shared with Frantoio Cecchi but will be handled directly by PayPal. In case of cancellation or non-acceptance by part of the Frantoio Cecchi , the amount will be refunded to your PayPal account.

Retreat in the Company: E ' can pick up the goods ordered online or make purchases directly to our store located in Via della Cavaccia , 10-51010 Uzzano PT , In this case, please send us an e-mail with the items you intend to buy so that we can preparing the package .

Frantoio Cecchi not be responsible for delays and / or damage caused in repayment phase .

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